The legend of Ebu GoGo

In 2003 an expedition of scientists claimed to have found the skeletal remains of what seemed to be some descendant of ourselves, the homo sappiens sappiens, although these remains were not very similar to ours, they had a peculiarity and that was that they were from 2 to 4 times smaller than a human being in adulthood.

They were named Homo Floresiensis, because they had been found in Las Flores, Indoneisa. This discovery caused the evolutionary chain to reverberate as we knew it, or perhaps we had discovered another type of human species?

The expression “hobbits” became popular among some scientists to refer to this new species, since they bore a great resemblance to these science fiction beings. Apparently they were wild beings and lived among very fierce predators and of a much larger size than them. They supplied this problem with a great ability to make tools, since they found many types of tools that they are supposed to use to hunt, to make fire inside the caves, etc.

Now the legend of the Ebu Gogo is used as a variation of the typical western sack man legend. The natives of Nage are told the story of this terrifying, ugly, furry and strong creature. In the most terrifying stories it is told how this little creature kidnapped children when they came out of the protection of their villages and was never heard from again. There are other narrations that assure that the creatures asked for ransoms in exchange for returning the kidnapped children, although most are said to have been devoured by the ferocious Ebu

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